Blog Post #1: Because I Love Religious Studies… Veggie Tales!

I love religion. Not because I am religious personally but because the way religion effects history fascinates me. There is something beautiful in how an idea about an unseen force can move hundreds of thousands of people to do, well, anything. In particular, evangelical Christians are very close to my heart. So I present the class with Veggie Tales for my first blog post. There really is no other animation that could present evangelical views quite like Veggie Tales.

Veggie Tales is a computer animated, straight-to-VHS, television show that targets young kids and teaches them certain Christian morals. Every episode has a certain moral theme to it and the animators use human-like vegetables to convey the morals to the children. This particular short is part of a continuing segment on the show called “Silly Songs with Larry” and is called, “Love Songs with Mr. Lunt: His Cheeseburger”.

My first thought about this video was, wow, way to bring kids to God through a cute, catchy song and video. The animators have made ordinary looking vegetables into cute, lovable characters. The characters are facially animated, the voices are exaggerated, and the colors are vibrant enough to keep a five-year old entertained. Also the song is catchy and is all about getting cheeseburgers. What more could a kid want? That’s where the religion aspect enters. The song has subliminal messages about loving and being together with God.  Some of the lyrics are:

Because he loves you cheeseburger/ with all his heart/ there ain’t nothing gonna tear/ you two apart

In short, God loves you so much that nothing would tear you apart. The writers are attempting to show children that God is not only fun but that he also loves you and wants to you to love him as well. Veggie Tales really is good at proving that an Christian children show can be fun and spiritual at the same time. And besides, who doesn’t want to watch singing and dancing vegetables?

Myca Taylor

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  1. Considering when Veggie Tales was created and the fact that it was straight to video, it seems really impressive that it was computer generated. The idea of using childrens programming to educate seems to be implemented quite well and the show seems rather unique amongst similar shows due to it’s obvious religous messages. The idea of talking vegatables is a good one, most small children recognize them from around the house allowing the characters to be visually distinct form one another while staying familiar.

  2. Veggie Tales can be interesting for any age really. I watched them in my religion classes as a treat even in High School. Veggie Tales shows how easy it is to use cartoons for education as well as sending welcoming and hopeful messages. Veggies Tales helps Christian kids learn about the bible when usually it is too hard for kids to read biblical text. (The reading is even hard to understand at my age!) I do think it is amazing that today different organizations can produce something of quality with a smaller budget because of today’s technology. For Christians, God is hope and Veggie Tales is just another way of letting people know about him!

  3. When you say subliminal messages of Christian morals do you mean only the morals or is it supposed to be a tool to help bring young children into the Christian fold? I use to watch Veggie Tales as a child and never got the connection to Christianity. Perhaps this was because I was young, but even as I listened to the song you posted, I didn’t get an automatic connection to Christianity. After you pointed out the connection to loving and being together with God I could see that connection, but I became confused. The character leaves the cheeseburger for Denny’s. Is it supposed to be the message that God will always be there for you even if you stray? I feel with out parental guidance or a little children’s book to go along with movies the Christian connection is lost. As an adult I have been made aware of the connection, but as a child I never got it. I’ve never personally owned a Veggie Tales movie–I saw them at friends’ houses and such, so perhaps there is extra guidance material that comes packaged as well that I am unaware of? If the films are meant to instill morals/values then I can see them functioning properly on that level, but the Christian connection seems tenuous without further instruction.

    • Along with what bonbonhistory says, I wasn’t clear enough in stating that Veggie Tales are bible stories most of the time. But even so, the morals in this show are very Christian because it is Christianity that instilled them in our society.

      I used the Silly Song because I liked it first off and second off it has subliminal messaging in it as well. It proves just how fun God can be. And you were correct, the leaving the burger for awhile but coming back can be interpreted that you will stray but God will always be there for you. This message is wrapped up in a silly song that the kids will enjoy for most of their life.

  4. Just a quick response to cinnamellon: Veggie Tales does stories like David and Goliath which is from the bible. And they probably do some parable stories which are moral lessons. I think the post by Myca is an overall summary of Veggie Tales and not just about the one clip she showed.

  5. I never figured that “Veggie Tales” had some underlining message when I watched these videos in my Sunday school classes when I was way younger. I guess I was oblivious to the fact that they were using talking and dancing veggies to tell us stories about religion. As a kid, it is really hard to really pick up on those types of things and I really didn’t figure all of that out until someone actually told me that they were Christian-themed veggies, and I am embarrassed to admit that mostly because I had completely forgotten what I had “learned” from those videos. That to me shows how people can disguise certain things within animated shows/movies to get a certain point across, like with the “Veggie Tales.” Not saying that they had a hidden agenda to teach us about religion or what not.

    “Veggie Tales” is just like any other animated show or movie. Channels like Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel are full with “educational” shows with animated characters, like “Blue’s Clues” or “Dora the Explorer,” and to a certain extent, “SpongeBob.” Basically, what I am trying to say, is that people use animation to help “teach” kids certain things that they might not be able to pick up on in the classroom and these animated shows like “Veggie Tales” are a great teaching tool. Mixing something that is supposed to be entertaining along with something that could educate kids is definitely a excellent teaching tool.

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