Blog Post #7: Because Efficiency Matters… Animated Training Videos.

Our world is run by jobs. Without someone doing work in agriculture we would not have food or without a banker we would not have banks to store our funds. These jobs create options for consumers and money for workers to become consumers; the object of capitalism. In order to keep workers efficient, we train them in specific jobs so the company runs smoothly. Animation can be a great, easy way to train or even excite workers for their job.

When training a new employee it can be hard to have the extra manpower and time needed in order to train. Therefore, making an animated trainer in an interactive training video can be a better option for companies. Lets take the company Cisco for an example. This video is one used to get employees trained in a new system called Sigma in order for their work to get better.

Catchy tune, bright animation, and representation of what the sigma system can do allows for the employees to look further into sigma in order to become “the smart” employee who “works less.” It would have been more expensive for cisco to hire actors to preform this video so animation became the easiest way to get the message across the the employees.

I also remember when I went in for training at Home Depot that they used an interactive video where an animated Home Depot Associate helped me learn safety, theft, and customer service skills. All of this came from the animation and let the managers and other employees do their work instead of worrying about properly training me.

Animation does in fact become helpful when it comes to on the job training. Its fun, interactive and keeps the managers hands free while still adequately training the employee. Making our companies more efficient to provide us with the services we need for our day to day lives.

I commented on Cory Finch’s blog and Alissa Potter’s blog.

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