Blog Post #12: Because They Want Your Vote… Animation Helped The Presidential Race!

Our last Presidential race was one of the most publicized events in our nations history. Everyone, I mean everyone, was talking about either John McCain or Barack Obama. The political sphere was overrun with pundit news coverage and confusion about the candidates was rampant with the younger generation. A good way to level out confusion was to make animation that highlighted a specific candidate, had visual reference, and was easy to understand.

This Pro-Obama animation talks about the war in Iraq and how the other candidate did not do the right thing when it came to September 11th. It is simple to watch with animated characters we know and an easy to follow commentary.

It is easy to understand exactly what the animator wanted people to understand about the War and who to vote for. When I tried to find a Pro-McCain animation, I came up with basically nothing but anti-McCain and Palin. Is this because the liberals focused towards the younger people? I believe so. Make something easy for the Youth and convert them to your belief, you just might win. Barack Obama did.

I commented on Brittany Alberry’s blog and Danyael Hughes’s blog.

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  1. I found the animation to be very effective at illustrating its point. Unlike most campaign ads I have seen it presents information in a simple easy to understand way. There are no long sentences on the screen and announcers explaining what they mean before you can finish them. Instead it uses pictures to explain howthe war in Iraq had nothing to with 9/11 despute what others have said. This simplicity is what makes it easy to understand, it shows the viewer rather than telling.

  2. I think animations are useful platforms for political advertisements. Cartoons have a way of grabbing attention, and it is more likely to hold a viewer’s interest as opposed to just seeing a man speaking. Cartoons can also be extremely clear and express information more concisely through visuals that cannot be achieved by a simple person speaking. The video you provided was especially effective. It was stylish, easy to understand, and made an effective case using the visuals and commentary to back up its points. I think more political organizations should consider using animation.

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