Blog Post #13: Because This is What History of Animation is All About… Teaching History through Animation.

While surfing youtube for my final blog post, I stumbled upon a video that a 7th grade teacher made in order to showcase her teaching style. This style is all about getting the kids engaged in World History by using popular culture as a incentive.

(Embedding was disabled)

When I thought about how effective that style was for teaching history, I began to think about our class as a whole. Not only do we learn about the history of the animation but we learn history through animation. There are just so many animated shows that teach us about history every day.

In the video, the teacher uses clips from popular shows like Family Guy and the Simpsons. Both of these shows use history as a foil in order to perfect the parody. Like in this Family guy clip, it uses the Nazis as a way to parody the McCain/Palin campaign.

Now of course this clip doesn’t lay out a lecture about Nazis or the McCain/Palin campaign but it does touch on some popular feelings about McCain/Palin being like the classic evil during World War II, the Nazis. This tiny sliver of history justs goes to show how history is in a lot of popular culture nowadays and no one really notices.

I commented on Samantha Francis’s blog and Ian Crawford’s blog.

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  1. I think it’s great that we can learn about history through animation. Some people do not respond well to lectures because they are more visual people. Through animation you can inform as well as entertain those in the classroom. This could truly help a lot of students. Good post =)

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  3. Using various outlets to teach any form of history is a good way of teaching. I say this as someone who once wanted to become a teacher and that I would have used any means necessary to help teach kids about our history. But what I liked the most about this post is the “Family Guy” clip when Stewie, Brian, and Mort go back in time to Hitler’s Germany. The entire clip, with the inclusion of the Nazi uniform having a McCain/Palin button, cracks me up every time. Shows like “Family Guy” and even “South Park” has times in which they go back in time and recreate, in their own way of course, what happened during certain periods of time. I personally agree that they are effective ways of teaching the material, although sometimes the message is skewed.

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  5. Myca, I agree, the media is a powerful learning tool. As a child I learned a lot from animated programs like Sesame Street and Schoolhouse Rock. Animated programs thought me practical lessons as well as moral lessons. Additionally, looking at animation of the past we can learn a lot about the ideals and conditions of a particular time period. Historically significant information is often embedded in animation. Thus, if one looks closely a lot can be learned about a particular time period. Today, popular animated series like Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park make historical references about significant events. One day in the future, just as we learn from animations of the past, people will be able to look back at animations from our generation and extract details and themes that will tell a story about our history.

  6. In today’s very visual world animation is a key teaching tool. One that needs to be used more in all levels of education. This class has made me very aware of the the history and social commentary that are behind the “entertainment.”

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